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Our designers have developed this amazing bedroom for a luxurious palace in Moscow.

When it comes to imagine a very personal space like a bedroom, it is paramount to create interiors which are able to reflect our client’s taste and bring their personality into the design process.

Pure white and a bright atmosphere is the consulted choice for this particular client. Our artisans have created and installed luxurious white lacquered boiserie, presenting floral spirals and embossed lions as a nod to our private client’s name.

The adorned candid stuccos on the ceiling contribute to a rich, dreamy and romantic atmosphere.

Privacy is assured in an area of the bedroom partly cloaked by two columns featuring a comfortable, round sofa in light tapestry design. The choice of 18th Venetian Masterpieces adorning the walls reveals a refined taste for elegance and beauty: these are the perfect antiques for a luxury bedroom.

Precious Murano glass table lamps and very sophisticated chandeliers fit perfectly into this space, effortlessly exuding the charm of a luxury master bedrooms of the past.

The pure white décor of the walls encourages the striking effects of the natural light which floods the room, resulting in a fresh, tranquil and impressive bedroom setting.

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