Values | Chiodelli Arte

Our Values

Chiodelli Arte was founded in 2015 by Diego and Marco Chiodelli Bussandri to carry on a century-old family tradition in the creation of artistic furniture. The production site is located in Fonte, in the Treviso area of Northeast Italy, a region renowned for its exceptionally high-level artistic craftsmanship in furniture production.

Chiodelli Arte provides comprehensive support to its customers in creating unique and fully customized interiors, while honoring the ancient art of Venetian cabinet-making, which stands unparalleled in terms of skill and quality worldwide. Today, the company employs over thirty craftsmen, ensuring the continuity of a refined and exclusive artistic tradition.

Chiodelli Arte collaborates with interior designers from around the world, assisting them in realizing the most exclusive and even the most daring and complex projects. This is made possible through a dynamic and efficient organization, supported by highly specialized work teams that operate globally with consistent quality standards. Additionally, among the services offered, Chiodelli Arte acts as an advisor in the artistic field, assisting in the selection of paintings, statues, sculptures, and other artistic masterpieces during the design phase of each interior.