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Marco Chiodelli Bussandri - Founder & President

I’m co-founder and President of Chiodelli Arte and, for more than 6 years, I’ve worked closely with my uncle, the commendatore Oscar Bussandri. Oscar founded his company at the beginning of the last century, in Venice and specialised in woodworking and high-end furniture manufacturing.

For over 70 years, he was involved in the creation of the most luxurious and exclusive interiors in iconic buildings and residences all over the world serving American Presidents, Royal Families and Emirs. During his long life, he continuously contributed to the succeeding of the Italian elegance in the interiors and the importance of craftmanship. As his nephew, I grew up in this environment where I was taught every secret on how to create bespoke luxury interiors. I started by working alongside architects and designers in the technical drawings departments to understand the single starting point of every project: to visualise the design and measuring.

I learnt how different woods, marbles, iron wrought and fabrics, respond differently to certain manufacturing processes and uses and I developed a taste for high-end furniture, classical arts and luxurious interiors. Sadly, Oscar passed away in 2012 at the age of 90 but I'm incredibly proud of being the descendant of such a rich cultural heritage. By the time I was 26, I was ready to establish my own brand and Chiodelli Arte was born in 2015. My company mission is still the same: To enhance classical Venetian craftmanship and provide the best service in manufacturing the most elegant and luxurious interiors in the world.


Diego Chiodelli Bussandri - Founder & CEO

I founded Chiodelli Arte in 2015 to relaunch in a modern approach a more than centenary family tradition in the Venetian art furniture making. My varied experiences in multinational contexts have helped me to grow Chiodelli Arte as a solid, credible and well capitalized company, while satisfying my own mission and desire to enhance the cultural and artistic roots of my family.

An important milestone was the identification and launch of the new production site in Fonte, Treviso district, and the co-ordination for an ecological transition that allowed the company to achieve energy self-sufficiency. Another exciting and strategic step was the creation of a network of companies called ITALIAN INTERIORS GROUPS which strengthened the diversification of skills of CHIODELLI ARTE into new markets, with the offer of a high-end range with ‘Made in Italy’ as a fundamental signature.


Lara Plichero - Sales Director

I’m a sales executive in the high-end furniture sector with over two decades experience in the realisation of the most prestigious and luxurious private residences all over the world. I have in depth knowledge of the Russian, Kazakhstan, Cecenia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Middle East, Switzerland, UK and USA markets and I have negotiated and managed international business development programmes targeting executive clients in all these countries.

I have good skill for identifying the right style to meet the expectations and needs of high-level clients and extensive expertise of residential design and experience in all aspects of high-end furniture manufacturing and craftmanship so I can confidently resolve efficiently complex situations. Italian is my native language and I’m also fluent in Russian, English, French and can communicate with basic Polish and Spanish.

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Many years of experience in the design and manufacture of furniture. He worked in several Italian and foreign companies.

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After graduating in languages, has opted for a career in sales. She worked as area manager in Russia, Asia and the Middle East.

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As a specialist in luxury interior design with extensive experience within several renowned furniture brands, he demonstrates a meticulous attention to detail and precision in his technical work.

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Giulio Marzio Possa

Graduated at the Politecnico di Milano with Prof. Arch. Giò Ponti. He developed the urban design and the architecture plan of the residential district of Brugherio, ‘Milano 2’, ‘Milano 3’ on behalf of Edilnord by Silvio Berlusconi. He was director of design in Standa SpA, where he coordinated the planning and the architectural design activity for about 100 malls throughout Italy.

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Massimo Chiodelli

Collaborates with architects, magazines, architectural and industrial designers on interiors and furnishings. During the 2000s he was CEO of Bussandri Arte srl, an historic company, leader in production of classical furniture.

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Pavel Hruza

Graduated in engineering at the Brno University and in architecture at the Università degli Studi di Firenze. He was project manager for the interiors first and pavilion manager for exposition after, of the Czech Republic pavilion at EXPO2015 Milan.

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Michele Villani

Graduated in engineering civil, section hydraulic, sanitary address at Università di Pavia. Member of the Safety Committee of the Order of Engineers of the District of Pavia and since 2003 he has achieved the position of inspector for validation of projects in public constructions. He is enrolled at the Register of the Technical Adviser of the Voghera’s Court.

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Carine Vauzou-Soules

Born in Paris, she worked in France, Britain, Spain and Italy, as a project manager for two large multinationals. Always sensitive to art and with a very refined sense of aesthetics, Carine has found her natural environment in Chiodelli Arte.

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Fabio Ferraccioli

Graduated in the Conservation of Cultural Heritage. He is also a consultant in Italy for one of the most prestigious international auction houses as well as an expert in paintings, artefacts and antiques. He acts as an expert in the court of Venice.

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Enrico Carminati

From procurement of materials to delivery to the end customer efficiently manages the flow of information and products.