CHIODELLI ARTE, an exclusive luxury lifestyle brand

An interview with Marco Chiodelli Bussandri, president of CHIODELLI ARTE
CHIODELLI ARTE constantly endeavour to combine classical styles with clients’ tastes to reflect an extreme personalization.
“In order to meet our clients’ desires to distinguish and represent their unique personality in their living and home environments, we constantly experiment to combine classical styles with our clients’ tastes to reach the ultimate in bespoke design and individual style personalization”.
CHIODELLI ARTE’s portfolio is a tribute to beauty and its creations offer true value, flirting between fine arts and the most exclusive craftsmanship.
International projects demonstrate our ability to respond to individual tastes even in extremely different cultural contexts and environments. Each piece is influenced by the individual surroundings and focuses on what the owners want to achieve. Our projects are inspired in equal measures between our catalogue, classic styles and intense personalization and we seek to achieve the emergence of personal style, unique individuality and exclusivity for each client”
Marco Chiodelli Bussandri, president and co-founder of CHIODELLI ARTE, descends from a dynasty who has maintained the elegance of classic Venetian and Italian furniture for over a hundred years. Marco Chiodelli Bussandri is a fine connoisseur of arts and crafts and believes these to be the foundation of artistic manufacture.