Art in Progress

The new press campaign evokes the quintessential craftsmanship that pervades the interiors designed by CHIODELLI ARTE.

Elegant and discreet, the press campaign underlies the creation of an exquisite carving: from its design to the realisation of each piece, which combines with the others to form a unique set. This furniture is of timeless value for sophisticated lovers of luxury.

The press campaign is titled “Art in Progress” and celebrates the expertise, rigour, and obsessive search for harmony among the right combination of elements – from the most precious woods to the marbles and the mother of pearl. What was hidden is now revealed; what was only guessed by those who appreciate the personalisation of this art is now confirmed. It repeats a theme that is dear to the Italian brand. The craftsmanship, in fact, has already been shown in a previous advertisement campaign – thanks to the intense faces and skilled hands of “maestri” artisans engaged in a time-honoured tradition of art furnishing and production that has existed for more than a century.