Our designers and artisans have studied this interior project down to the tiniest detail, to produce something unique, highly personalized. Each decorative motif on the precious wood floor, every carving in the white oak boiserie, and every textured nuance of the luxury marble blends to create a perfect setting for a very fortunate inhabitant. Chiodelli Arte has selected the perfect match of handmade fabrics from the most venerable and renowned Venetian weavers and create every precious piece of furniture. The kitchen is not only immaculate and refined, but also functional as every modern kitchen should be. The fine arts are displayed in this classy space in all their splendor, through a careful selection of antiques of certified origin. They lend gravitas to the setting. This living space by Chiodelli Arte is a harmonious whole, a perfect personal space for our commissioner and a reflection of her taste. Marco Chiodelli Bussandri, President of Chiodelli Arte “We have been so proud to be involved in this project and we did our utmost to meet our commissioner 's expectations. And, at the final stage, it has been extremely satisfying to see the joy and approbation in her eyes”.