A large penthouse furnished in a contemporary style: a universe to live in, designed with refined and simple lines, for an impeccable setting. There is a perfect balance between style and finishings that emphasizes the proportions of the furnishings and furniture. The shades are neutral, but now and then a contrast underline, highlights a detail that becomes the protagonist.

The furnishings are a work of art born from the talent of Italian master artisans who have masterfully worked with exotic essences such as Thai Wood and Eucalyptus. The brightness of the rooms is enhanced by precious ice effect lacquers. The unique and perfect charm of this house is given by the sophisticated boiseries that personalize the walls iconically. The panels that compose it are lacquered in light and bright neutral colours, alternating with panels covered in soft natural suede. Important choices that enhance a timeless style.

This extraordinary house is also contemporary in the division of spaces. The kitchen, living and dining are organized and integrated into a unique but discreet and measured open space, which emphasizes the presence of the beauty of pieces of furniture that are to be experienced.

Boiserie is still the protagonist in the home studio and the bathroom: thanks to the mirrored panels, the architectural proportions of these two environments are amplified in space and volume.