Wild, Natural, Primordial, Nordic design

We are incredibly proud of one of our latest projects which meant a complete rethinking of our traditional production process and style for our artisans.
A thought-provoking endeavour where our team have produced a completely new design where the challenges have been met in order to enhance the wood and display its original beauty as a natural element.
It is both elegance and simplicity. The photograph showcases just one element we are authorized to show as one part of a large-scale project which required us to create a full interior, including incredibly large and impressive doors.
Amongst the complexities, we found great pleasure in exploring the intricate details, addressing the technical aspects, creating the drawing and sourcing the materials in order to achieve the right finishing to showcase the indigenous, primitive, natural style in line with the ultimate sustainability trend in interior design. Woods are connected by dovetail joints and the finish is designed to display the beauty and imperfection in the wood.
Our artisans and design teams demonstrated their ability and creativity in mastering the art of wood carving with the careful execution of every tiny detail.
Did we reach that wild, natural, primordial look? Absolutely.