Shhh ... it’ s a secret! A secret room in your home

Have you ever thought about creating your very own secret room in your home?
Classically hidden behind a bookshelf…a space only you know about?
Secret rooms are high in demand and when we create spaces like this, it’s because our clients desire a private space to retreat to, somewhere to relax and take a break from the outside world.
It may be that they need a safe place for precious items like art masterpieces, jewelleries, antiques books and expensive wines and our designers can create a secret room with all the characteristics of a safe.
The door to the secret rooms must camouflage perfectly with the surroundings and setting, so nobody will know the secret room even exists or how to access it.
The entrance systems to the room are often simple push and pull systems. Our clients also adore the sophisticated tech access systems such as voice, face or fingerprint recognition.
If you would love to design a perfect secret room in your home, contact us.
We promise not to tell anyone.