Fuorisalone 2023. CHIODELLI ARTE at residenza vignale

Chiodelli Arte celebrates a love story at a waltz pace.

Did it all start with a dance? We’d like to think so.

Maybe it was a bow and a hand extended to invite for a ball, the beginning of the love story that led to the creation of the Vignale residence. That was the moment when the Austrian prince decided that he could not stay away from the Milanese damsel he had fallen in love with. This fascinating residence was designed to surround with beauty the rarest and most miraculous thing that can happen between two people – love. A feeling so powerful that it becomes the drive to excel, to desire perfection. And every room in Residenza Vignale is an expression of it.

For its usual Fuorisalone appointment, Chiodelli Arte wants to celebrate this love story, draped in a magenta key, the colour of the year 2023, a choice that speaks of power, audacity and exceptionality. And it does so in a dance step! During the event, a historical dance company will perform and make the guests, or at least the most intrepid, dance.

Why the choice of Residenza Vignale and a historic ball?

Marco Chiodelli Bussandri explains it. Together with his brother Diego, they are founders of Chiodelli Arte, heirs of a dynasty that has led to Venetian art furniture deemed an indelible mark of style in the most prestigious residences and hotels in the world: “Because when you ask: may we have this dance, please? it is more than asking for a simple vault. It is a demand for trust and it also means: will you allow me to get to know you, to entertain you? All of this is so close to our way of working because we don’t sell interiors or pieces of furniture: we propose to get to know each other in a journey to do together, with trust and transparency, experiencing together all the emotions that are the basis of every successful artistic and creative gesture”.

Chiodelli Arte asks interior designers and architects of the most prestigious residences and hotels in the world to let themselves be led into a delightful minuet, confidently opening up to a Made in Italy full of emotions, where nothing is left to chance because when there is love, real love, even simply toward one’s work, there is perfection.

Would you like to attend our event? It will take place on April 19, 2023 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

Event is free upon registration info@chiodelliarte.com