From our Atelier, a new series of elegant console tables

The heart of our specialisation is the customised creation of a complete interior space, ranging from the overarching mood to the tiniest details. In collaboration with the designers and architects of our clients, we work hard to produce comfortable spaces.
Sometimes, our clients ask us to do something unique and different. For instance, perhaps creating a freestanding piece of furniture that functions as a single table with a precious mother-of-pearl top, a wood panelling with hand-made inlays, and doors with out-of-standard dimensions.
With reference to the pictures below, we were asked to manufacture a small series of console tables: you may see our consoles waiting to be embellished with a gold or silver cover, which shall be patiently handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen.
Frankly, the consoles appear beautiful even without the final touches, don’t they?