Feelings, emotions, moods: green

Our MOODS are a periodic table for rhetorical trajectories; a combination of materials and dreams, able to inspire to create interiors in harmony with the aesthetics sought by our client.
With false modesty, we call them simply: GREEN, YELLOW, WHITE… And we refer to them before starting a brand new project. These posters help us identify tastes and emotions: eyes that wander and transmit hesitation and enthusiasm. Sometimes, love at first sight. ‘Eureka!’ What was previously difficult to put into words now becomes clear. Symbolic elements that help to give a name to sensations, to trace the substantial attributes of a personal style. We are well on our way to creating a tailored interior. Exactly what our customers want from us!
GREEN: Joy and refreshment to the eye
Like a mantra, our refrain is that closer to the environment we live, the better we feel. We are natural beings, vaguely civilized. While thinking about our own space, those who listen to their ancestral self, choose green, and are inspired by nature, flow, and avoid sharp angles or straight lines.
You can recognize surprising marbles with veins that seem to have captured trickles of vital chlorophyll in paintings destined for eternity, emeralds set in artisan-skilled silver intricacies, floating circles like planetary orbits, large windows so that interiors and exteriors are seamless. Feathers, evocations of a vaguely animalistic and mimetic 1920s iconography, capable of suggesting grace, buoyancy and perturbing elegance.
Pliny the Elder, in his Naturalis Historia, wrote about the emerald: “Neither is there a stone whose colour gives joy and refreshment to the eye , nor a more intense green than this.”