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Our designers work to bring your visions to reality and to create a beautiful, bespoke spaces in your home.

This stunning bathroom was designed for an amazing villa overlooking the Geneva lake.

Our team have developed this exclusive interior to generously feature honey onyx for its exotic and translucent qualities. This beautiful natural stone with its soft clouds design brings a sense of elegance and sophistication. In rich to light honey hues, onyx is warm and embracing with a contemporary, sculpted appearance.

The luxurious entrance features marble columns and an exquisite glass door which allows soft sunlight to shine through. This entrance leads to a very spacious bathroom featuring a panoramic and relaxing view of the lake.

The stylish translucent stone contrasts beautifully with the chrome detail of the bathroom. With a space-efficient design with subtle, accent lighting, the focus is on luxury and relaxation, offering both an amazing tub and a very roomy shower.

This gorgeous bathroom, with its overall design and ambience, has an outstanding visual effect, an eclectic style and is the essence of real luxury.

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