Pieces of furniture of unique forge have materialized themselves in the common area of Via Leopardi at number 27, in the very heart of the most historic Milan, a stone’s throw from the temple of design – Triennale.

These are the CHIODELLI ARTE creations, handmade furniture, expressions of an ancient – almost lost – craftsmanship. On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2018, these pieces of furniture that are generally hidden behind very private walls, peeped out from the entrance of the building.

Here there are the Venetian company and its partner Virginio La Rocca’s offices, the latest a specialist in prestigious fabrics and curtains. The creations drew the admirers of handmade art furniture, intrigued the passers-by, and they have amazed and immediately conquered the hearts of the residents of the historic building. This was a way to remember how art furniture can permeate and embellish any settings, even when it is located in a trivial area of a building.

“We have brought our creations into contact with people” – says Diego Chiodelli Bussandri, CEO of CHIODELLI ARTE – “allowing them to touch the mother of pearl, the fabrics, the carvings, and with the strength of the elegance and the harmony, we have conquered those who have unexpectedly found themselves in front of these expressions of mastery, which is really difficult not to appreciate”.