Blue. Vast, mysterious and elegant.

What happens when opposites attract and gold is coupled with blue? A tale recalling the “One Thousand and One Nights” is written, whereby golden arabesques deftly balances the sombre void of cobalt blue by experimenting with light and its reflections.
In our mood called BLUE, you can see interior features where an ancient Middle Eastern design has been re-proposed with contemporary proportions.
It is an imaginative plot that develops to feature enigmatic netted textures as a kind of restraint on libertarian excesses and iridescent materials like snake skins burning in the sun post an absurd moult.
Cobalt blue can be frightening, even speechless, due to the vastness it recalls, and is to be governed using its ability to impose imperishable, elegant styles. A mood for those who dare to dig deep within themselves and have the courage to openly despise minimalism.